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A helpful tool for Sys Admins and IT guys to identify the PC they are working on, represented by a static tag on the desktop.

PC TAG UI color is interchangeable to suit both light and dark colored theme / background, The information displayed on the tag includes:

  • FQDN (fully qualified domain name)
  • The currently logged in Username
  • The default IP Address (IPv4)
  • The default Gateway
  • The default DNS.

Feel free to report any bugs or give any suggestions.


  • Tested on Windows SERVER 2019, Windows SERVER 2022 and Windows 10 only.


  • Its a portable application using minimal resources so no need to install.

Executing and Deployment

In a Domain Environment it helped a lot to Deploy the .exe through Group Policy and add it to all domain user’s startup this way it would help if I’m using RDP or Physically managing pcs in a domain tag with the essential information for day to day operations and maintenance.

The three buttons on the left do the following: Change UI Color, Refresh all information and Make the application Always on Top

Hovering over buttons displays what the button does.

Right-clicking the Sys tray icon shows the option to Exit the application.

Clicking on any of the information displayed will copy The information clicked to the Clipboard.